WHERE DAVID TRAINS:  Anywhere in Canada – David has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of organizations in over 130 Canadian towns since 2007.

WHO DAVID TRAINS:  Any individual nonprofit or charity (public-serving or member-serving) or health organization — specifically boards and staff leadership.  Or multiple leaders at larger events (keynotes, workshops, etc).  Over 20,000 people trained to date.  

WHAT DAVID TRAINS (5 flyers here):

  1. Quick Summary Training & Consulting >> click here
  2. Board training  (see page 2 for some of the topics): >>  click here
  3. Board training including risk management (see page 2)>>  click here
  4. Risk management (1 day includes plan template)  >> click here
  5. Health Care Team-Specific >> click here
  6. Leadership Workshop for Executive Directors/CEOs & Their Teams entitled “Creating & Maintaining a Thriving Workplace” >> see longer list by scrolling down

TESTIMONIALS:  click here 

TRAINING FEES:  $2100 (up to 7 hours) or $1400 (up to 4 hours) weekday rate .

  • Saturday rate: 20% higher.
  • Total Travel Time:  If your location is more than 2.5 hours one-way from our Toronto East location we will determine a fair travel surcharge.  We have travelled to over 130 Canadian towns to deliver training, training fee is based on travel time required and whether we are already in town for other Clients.
  • HST/GST & Travel costs are in addition.   David has assisted nonprofits/charities in over 120 Canadian towns since 2007 in every province, the Yukon and N.W.T.
  • Customization: Most training requires minimal editing of our content/topics (under 2 hours) which is built into the above fees.  If more customization is needed the fee will be adjusted based on time required.


  • Doing Less instead of Multi-Tasking More:  “The Disciplined Pursuit of less” [author Greg McKeown – revolutionary for busy, often tired, leaders to hear]
  • Overcoming “the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team” [author Patrick Lencioni]
  • 8 Characteristics of a truly Thriving Workplace
  • Motivating Staff, including how to effectively use “Stay Interviews”
  • Coaching your Stars, Steadies, Strugglers
  • Defining & Managing Toxic Staff & How to Help Those who want to Change
  • An Engaging Way to Define & Manage Performance

CONTACT DAVID directly with any questions:

Have a great week, thank you for doing all the good that you do!


David Hartley, B.A., C.R.M. (Canadian Risk Management)