David’s list of VALUABLE WEBSITE LINKS for Canadian nonprofit/charity leaders.

  1. OUR 2 MOST POPULAR DOCUMENTS FROM 2018 NEWSLETTERS:  (4 links here): (1) a simple tool to add as a pre-cursor to your annual staff performance reviews: click here; (2) 7 Characteristics of a Thriving Workplace click here for regular wording OR click here for healthcare wording; and (3) if you are interested, click here to subscribe to our online newsletter (no charge, approximately 4 newsletters per year).

  2. LEADERS: THE 4 DISCIPLINES OF A HEALTHY ORGANIZATION  Wealth of resources … Click here and scroll down.

  3. BOARD BEST PRACTICES (8 links here):  This new (U.S.) article “Challenging Conventional Wisdom” is very good click here.  Plus 7 more links – a goldmine of help here from: a) Canadian resource – click here sample policies & governance tools and tips; b) from the U.S. click here for free download resources; and here to purchase the terrific “nonprofit policy sampler” 3rd edition $90 – PDF download and c) from Canada for larger nonprofits/charities click here (and then in search box type “20 questions not-for-profit”  and d) for smaller organizations without staff support click here for “Grassroots Governance” and interesting story “janitor in the boardroom” click here  and e) a NEW RESOURCE we have just begun using (its nonprofit-specific tools are getting stronger) to prepare for Board meetings called DirectorPrep.

  4. RE-THINKING “STRATEGIC PLANNING” (4 links here):   Please email David (david@nonprofithelp.ca) to see our best practice Strategic Plan template.  Click here for our Strategy services.  Online resources: a) click here and scroll for several excellent articles, b) click here what role should the board play in strategic planning, c) click here if you have a board but no staff (yes you can still be strategic!), and d) click here and in search box type “20 questions not-for-profit strategy” 

  5. MANAGING STAFF (Canadian – 2 links here): 1) Excellent H.R. Toolkit (whether you have human resource staff or not), click here and I suggest starting with “I am a manager”  which is in middle of page.  2) “20 Questions” booklet click here and in search box type “20 Questions” 

  6. NONPROFIT BOARD LIABILITY EXPLAINED (Canadian – 2 links here):  The best paper I’ve read click here.  And from a law firm’s perspective click here

  7. LEGAL RISK MANAGEMENT CHECKLISTS (Canadian):  click here for separate nonprofit, charity and church checklists from this well-regarded law firm for charities

  8. OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT (Canadian – 3 links here):  A valuable 20 Questions PDF click here.  Volunteer Canada/Public Safety Canada has this click here Best Practice Screening Tactics. From the USA here is my favourite risk website with a goldmine of  articles and checklists : click here Nonprofitrisk.org

  9. INSURANCE FOR NONPROFITS (4 links here):Here is a helpful Volunteer Alberta overview click here Insurance Toolkit. Here are two documents David wrote click here for a short list of liability policies (I suggest you talk to an insurance broker about #1, #2 and #3 if you have paid staff at the least) and click here for Explaining Liability Insurance Policies.  Finally, click here and view starting page 33 for Nonprofit specific – 20 Questions regarding Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance  Email David (david@nonprofithelp.ca) for his free document “12 questions to email your Insurance broker 2 months before your organization’s insurance renewal”.

  10. RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY CREATION:  Yes it’s American so keep eye on Canadian law, but it’s customizable, and the best out there.  Low one-time fee and the site keeps updating!  Multiple best practice wording choices on over 150 different policies. click here 

  11. CHARITIES & THE C.R.A. (Canadian – 2 links here):   click here requirements for charities  and click here for CRA’s own checklists and resources

  12. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT & CAPACITY BUILDING:  Budgeting, Records & Financial Statements and Audits, click here (thanks again to Imagine Canada) and several great links on many areas including capacity building  click here.

  13. OVERALL BEST PRACTICE STANDARDS (Canadian)  73 Standards for all Nonprofits and Charities cover board governance, staff management, volunteers, fundraising and finance.  Click here.   Not just for large charities (Level 1 sets standards for nonprofits/charities with under 5 staff).  A who’s who of Canadian charities have adopted these.

  14. IF YOU NEED A BOOST – PERSONAL LIFE (7 links here):   My favourite finds so far: 1) this amazing senior in his 70’s on the importance of playing click here2) click here to read article and see both picture on policeman and man he saved ; 3) click here for picture – shark takes his leg, he’s back surfing with prosthetic leg in those waters; 4) if you are a person of faith, but not necessarily a church-lover, like myself here is a good video series – click here and in 2019 my wife and I found this website valuable click here; and 5) for men particularly (and teenagers — we have four!) a fast-growing movement I believe strongly in click here and here.

QUESTION FOR YOU:  Do you know of a great website you think should be up here?  Please email david@nonprofithelp.ca QUESTIONS FOR DAVID:  Please email me anytime on any of these topics, I want to help your nonprofit or charity if you are in Canada. My email address:  david@nonprofithelp.ca Thank you for all the good you do, David Hartley, B.A., C.R.M. (Canadian Risk Management)