WHERE DAVID TRAINS:  Anywhere in Canada – David has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of organizations in over 170 Canadian towns from 2007-2021.  

** COVID UPDATE ** David will have his 2nd vaccination on July 1, 2021. Please ask us in our contact form (click here) or via email (david@nonprofithelp.ca) about our COVID options and rates: (A) virtual Board and staff training packages; and (B) virtual consultation (with the first 30 minutes free).  We are also booking POST-COVID in-person training & strategic planning. Also please see our ONLINE RESOURCES (click here) for free guidance during these challenging times. 

WHO DAVID TRAINS:  Although we focus on small and medium-sized organizations, we have assisted large charities as well.  We are to assist any individual nonprofit or charity (public-serving or member-serving) or health organization — specifically their Boards and their staff.  Or multiple leaders at larger events (keynotes, workshops, etc).  Over 25,000 people trained to date.  

WHAT DAVID (#1-4) & ERIC (#5) TRAIN:  

  1. 2021 Board governance training: please click here for 2-page flyer [and click here for a sample document]
  2. 2021 Risk management training (for staff and/or Board): please click here
  3. 2021 Leadership training / team-building (for leadership teams or customized for all staff): please click here
  4. 2021 Health Care clients (e.g. Family Health Teams in Ontario): please click here
  5. 2021 Nonprofit Finance Training with Eric Plato: please click here


  • Weekday rate: $2800 (includes up to 7 hour day and set-up time) or $1900 (includes up to 3.5 hours and set-up time)*.
  • Saturday rate: $3300 (includes up to 7 hour day and set-up time) or $2300 (includes up to 3.5 hours and set-up time)*.
  • Included in rate: (1) Up to 90 minutes phone call time with our client and emails as necessary; (2) PDF resource package to be printed for all participants; (3) minor customization of our content/topics.
  • Not included in rate: HST/GST and any necessary travel costs.
  • Extended Travel:  If your location is more than 4 hours travel time (there and back) from our location (near Pickering, Ontario) and/or requires an over-night stay, we increase our fee based on actual travel time.  To date, David has worked with organizations in over 170 Canadian towns. [Note: If there are travel delays (e.g. due to inclement weather) we do not add to this surcharge, so you know your fee will not change].  
  • *Canadian nonprofits with LOW budgets:  If your wonderful Canadian nonprofit has the following: (1) two or less paid staff (2 FTE); (2) an annual budget under $150,000; (3) services focused on vulnerable populations; and (4) our rates are not within your reach as you cannot find funding to pay for our service … we still want to help!   Please email us with a few details and we will try and find (or monitor for) a future date where we are already near or in your town in order to provide a lower fee and low/no travel costs.
  • *High budget charities & health facilities (over $5 million in annual expenses) AND Government/Municipal AND for-profit organizations:  We have customized rates which will be higher than our normal rates listed above.  We will customize the preparation and the content to fit your needs.  The higher fees charged here allow us to offer low-cost training (and in many instances no cost assistance) to nonprofits with low budgets.

OVER 200 TESTIMONIALS:  please click here 


Have a great week, thank you for doing all the good that you do!


David Hartley, B.A., C.R.M. (Canadian Risk Management)