WHERE DAVID TRAINS:  Anywhere in Canada – David has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of organizations in over 140 Canadian towns since 2007.  

WHO DAVID TRAINS:  Any individual nonprofit or charity (public-serving or member-serving) or health organization — specifically their Boards and their staff.  Or multiple leaders at larger events (keynotes, workshops, etc).  Over 20,000 people trained to date.  

WHAT DAVID TRAINS (4 flyers here):

  1. 2018 Board governance training : please click here
  2. 2018 Risk management training (for staff and/or Board): please click here
  3. 2018 Leadership training (for leadership teams or customized for all staff): please click here
  4. 2018 Health-Care Teams (e.g. Family Health Teams in Ontario): please click here


  • Weekday rate: $2500 (up to 7 hours training time) or $1500 (up to 3.5 hours).
  • Weekend rate: $3000 (up to 7 hours training time) or $2000 (up to 3.5 hours).
  • Travel Time:  If your location is more than 2.5 hours travel time from our Toronto East (near Pickering, Ontario) location there is a surcharge based on total travel time (and whether an over-night stay will be necessary).
  • HST/GST & any travel costs are in addition to above rates.  If air travel required, we always travel economy.
  • Customization included: Most training requires minimal editing of our content/topics which is built into the above fees.  This includes up to 90 minutes phone call time with our client and emails as necessary.  If major customization is needed the fee will be adjusted based on time required.
  • Discount: Discount available for organizations booking 2 consecutive dates, or who find another organization in the same town to book with us for the date next to yours.

SAMPLE TESTIMONIALS:  please click here 


Have a great week, thank you for doing all the good that you do!


David Hartley, B.A., C.R.M. (Canadian Risk Management)