WHERE DAVID TRAINS:  Anywhere in Canada – David has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of organizations in over 160 Canadian towns since 2007.  

WHO DAVID TRAINS:  Any individual nonprofit or charity (public-serving or member-serving) or health organization — specifically their Boards and their staff.  Or multiple leaders at larger events (keynotes, workshops, etc).  Over 20,000 people trained to date.  

WHAT DAVID (#1-4) & ERIC (#5) TRAIN:  

  1. 2019 Board governance training : please click here
  2. 2019 Risk management training (for staff and/or Board): please click here
  3. 2019 Leadership training / team-building (for leadership teams or customized for all staff): please click here
  4. 2019 Health-Care Teams (e.g. Family Health Teams in Ontario): please click here
  5. NEW MARCH 2019: Nonprofit Finance Training with Eric Plato: please click here


  • Weekday rate: $2750 (up to 7 hours plus set-up time) or $1850 (up to 3.5 hours)*.
  • Weekend rate: $3250 (up to 7 hours plus set-up time) or $2250 (up to 3.5 hours)*.
  • Included in rate: (1) Up to 90 minutes phone call time with our client and emails as necessary; (2) PDF resource package to be printed for all participants; (3) minor editing of our content/topics
  • Add:  If your location is more than 2 hours total travel time one-way from our Toronto East location (Pickering, Ontario) and requires an over-night stay, we add a surcharge of $75 per hour for the actual travel time (i.e. time in our vehicle, taxi, airplane or airport).  [Note: If there are travel delays (e.g. due to inclement weather) we do not add to this surcharge, so you know your fee will not change].  To date, David has trained or consulted in over 170 Canadian towns.
  • Add: HST/GST & Travel costs are in addition to above training fees.  (Note: If air travel required, we always travel economy).
  • Reduce: 10% Training Discount for consecutive date sessions if client has annual budget under $1 million.  Discount available for organizations booking 2 consecutive calendar days for one of the above training sessions (or if you find another client in or near same town the day before/after your date).
  • *Very low budgets:  If your wonderful Canadian nonprofit has the following: (1) Two or less paid staff (2 FTE); (2) an annual budget under $150,000; (3) services focused on vulnerable populations; and (4) our rates are not within your reach as you cannot find funding to pay for our service … we still want to help!   Please email us with a few details and we will try and find (or monitor for) a future date where we are already near or in your town in order to provide a lower fee and low/no travel costs.
  • *High budgets & For-profit organizations: For very large Canadian nonprofits or charities and for for-profit organizations we have customized rates based on budget, audience sizes, content modification, etc.

SAMPLE TESTIMONIALS:  please click here 


Have a great week, thank you for doing all the good that you do!


David Hartley, B.A., C.R.M. (Canadian Risk Management)