THE PROCESS BRINGS TOGETHER THE BOARD & STAFF.  The key to creating a great (actually useable!) Plan is to involve all of your key stakeholders: Board, Staff (and possibly other key stakeholders).   We make the process engaging, we make the process empowering for everyone in the room, and we promise your participants will have fun while they are at it.

TWO DATE PROCESS.  Nonprofit Boards (primarily “governance Boards”) wonder if they should involve staff in creating their Strategic Plan.  A resounding “Yes” !  You need their expertise up-front and their buy-in later on.  In our process the Board & Staff work all together in small and large groups on DAY ONE to locate the Overall 3-Year Priorities and Strategies.

DAY TWO involves a smaller group of key personnel to dive down into the weeds further to dig up actual year-by-year activities that will reach concrete goals.   (Note: For large organizations we split DAY ONE into two or several shorter sessions).

WE CREATE A LIVING DOCUMENT YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE.   You can update/delete/ change content in minutes.  We’d like to show you the colour-coded, graphically pleasing template and describe it over a  15-minute phone call.  Arrange this call with David by email:


  • an energizing, engaging and efficient process that will strengthen your Board and Staff and their relationship together (governance boards should work with staff on strategy!)
  • a “living” document that can be easily amended with the realities of a nonprofit world and updated to show progress to the Board and other stakeholders
  • 3 to 5 key priorities for the 3 year plan, each with targeted S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable) goals, strategies and annual activities
  • graphically-pleasing document with 5 colour-coding and customized graphics

Invasive Species Centre “David’s energy, knowledge, and skill helped our not-for-profit Board, ex-officios and staff work together to generate and refine great ideas that will be the focus of our updated, exciting strategic plan. It was an exhilarating, action-packed experience! If your Board or organization needs a catalyst for change you will be amazed by what he can do!” Kandyd Szuba, PhD, RPF, Board President                                                                         

Harrow Family Health Team “I am incredibly pleased with your recent facilitation of the Harrow Family Health Team’s strategic planning session.  You are energetic and you made the session entertaining yet productive and focused. Your ability to relax the group and to motivate everybody to fully participate was impressive. I have attended a number of strategic planning sessions over the years and your efforts on our behalf exceeded all expectations. You did a stellar job!”  Merrill Baker, Board Chair,  (Windsor Ontario lawyer with Sorensen Baker Professional Corporation)

Red Lake First Step Women’s Shelter “I had the privilege of being a part of a Strategic Planning and Board training session conducted by David Hartley.  I have been involved in a number of similar sessions over the years.  This was by far the best ! The materials were relevant, practical and colourful.  David’s style and presentation kept me fully engaged over the course of a day and half.  Best of all, our organization ended up with very practical documents and action plans that we will actually be able to implement.  I recommend to any size non-profit organization”.  Andreas Asmus, Director General – Legal Aid Ontario, Northwest District (and Vice-Chair of the Women’s Shelter Red Lake)                  
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council  “Very positive comments both from [our] SMT & Staff.  Everyone was grateful to be included in the process, but really zeroed in on the opportunity to meet and get to know the Board – and achieving Authentic ‘buy-in’!  … I also made a point of eating with the staff today and received many positive comments, positive and unsolicited – by all accounts … productive, engaging, fun and valuable team building day [process].”  Stephen Ashworth, President & CEO 

Discovery Childrens Centre “Thanks for bringing your energy, humour, and skill to our day of Strategic planning.‎ The staff, Board, and management team all enjoyed the time immensely. We laughed, challenged each other, dreamed, which led to great outcomes including a more cohesive team.”  Ron Blatz, Executive Director, Winnipeg

St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation  “Phenomenal, fun, bonding [for all of our stakeholders involved] and educational.”  Krista Linklater, Executive Director

REBOUND (Youth Centre) “Thanks so much David !!  [The final Strategic Plan document] It all looks FABULOUS!!” Carrie McEachran, Executive Director, Sarnia-Lambton 

Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy “Our strategic planning sessions were phenomenal.  David was very practical, he kept us motivated and energized throughout.  We created a plan that was not only visionary but achievable.   Our previous plans always required almost immediate revision.  This one is a lot more focused and strategic.”  Barbara Thomas, Board President, (and President Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Pharmacy Board)                                    

St. John Ambulance – York Region Branch “Thank you so much for your work with us. We’re delighted with our 2017-22 Strategic Plan.  Our key volunteers appreciated having input and will be more invested in helping us achieve our goals, and our staff took their great suggestions and ideas and moulded them into achievable goals. We have a smart direction for our next five years and we’re looking forward to the journey!  Hope to work with you again in the future.”  Lynn McLarnon, Executive Director

Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance “CADDRA now has a new 2017-19 Strategic Plan that encapsulates the Board’s vision and goals AND provides a practical framework for their achievement. David’s guidance was invaluable. Not only did he create a safe space for board and staff to share their ideas, he ensured the whole process was a great – and fun – learning experience.”  Niamh McGarry, Executive Director

Taddle Creek Family Health Team “David helped us zone in on what is important to us in our strategic plan.  He facilitated an inclusive, energetic and meaningful strategic planning process in which 96% of the [over 40] staff and physicians rated as good to a very good use of their time.  He has the ability to engage a group in a warm yet direct manner infusing humour to keep everyone alert and involved.  He is very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  We are looking forward to implementing our plan immediately.  [And as far as the final Strategic Plan document] I love the visuals and the one page per year approach.”  Sherry Kennedy, Executive Director, (Bay/Bloor Streets), Toronto 



Let’s create your nonprofit’s first or 3rd or 20th strategic plan together!

  • Our goal is to have as many of your staff and Board (and any other key volunteers) as possible “Touch & Impact Your Strategic Plan’s Priorities”.  We do that in Stage One (setting priorities).  This first session is incredibly engaging (with one hour of pre-work all participants complete in advance) culminating with a series of colourful votes providing us with a core list of 3-5 key big goals.  In stage one I prefer to get everyone together for one day (or two or more half day sessions).  In stage two and three we can shrink to a core group.
  • Total time:  If you have been through an exhausting strategic planning process and don’t want to do it again, this is for you.  Most often I have groups either for 2 days back-to-back (which saves on travel costs but is more intense), or 2 days spread out over 2 to 8 weeks.
  • The final document is alive and you’ll love the graphics and progression colour coding:  With customized graphics, your plan will be a “living document” that you can amend/update very simply at any time.  Clear goals, clear strategies, clear annual activities.

3a) OUR 2018 FEES


  • Option A – $3500 (see additional costs below):  1 day (up to 7 hours) facilitation only.  (We do not create any documentation, but we do the necessary pre-work to be prepared for the day.)
  • Option B – $7700 (see additional costs below):  2 date process with completed Strategic Plan including customized graphics.  Date 1 we ask you to try and include all staff, board, and other critical volunteers/stakeholders.  Date 2 we have a much smaller core group to finalize detail.  We suggest having the 2 dates spread out over 30-60 days, however if you wish we can do dates back-to-back to save travel cost.


  • Option C – The process (and hours needed by us) changes somewhat based on the complexity and size of the organization.  The fee will depend on several factors, please email David for a quick email and phone call to determine a budget/quotation.


  • Travel Time:  If more than 2.5 hours one-way from our Toronto East location we will determine a reasonable travel surcharge based on the amount of time David needs to spend travelling.
  • HST/GST & Travel costs are in addition:   David has assisted nonprofits/charities in over 140 Canadian towns since 2007 in every province, the Yukon and N.W.T.
  • Unique Situations:  There are organizations, that because of their complexity or ongoing issues, or because it is a last-minute planning process, that we will charge more than this rate.
  • Option B or C with “Split Days”: There are some organizations which cannot close their offices down for “Day One”, so we need to hold two half-day sessions in that day (half of group in each).  Because of the additional work this creates for Step 2 we have a $750 surcharge.


Contact David by email: