David has had the privilege of assisting hundreds of nonprofit/charity Boards:

  • In over 140 towns across Canada since 2007 (every province and territory except Nunavut)
  • Every type and budget-size of operation (Social Services, Health, Sport, Farming, Education, Environment) > note: a partial list of our clients can be found here
  • Every size, skill and experience level (from small “working” Boards in an organization with no/few staff to large national “governance/policy” Boards in an organization with hundreds of staff)
  • Every type of engagement level & personality mix (from “stars”, “steadies”, “strugglers” to the board members who exhibit “toxic-type behaviours” on occasion).

When you view our training section, the first flyer describes the “2018 best practice” Board training we provide.  

Really we would prefer to call it “Board strengthening”.   Every Board is so unique we have to really customize each session to fit.

If we have a full 7 hour day (it can be a weekday, it is often a weekend day), about half of the day is spent in best practice training and the other half in working together to develop clarity on one or several issues that need improvement.

In advance David speaks with the Executive Director/CEO/lead staff person to understand where the Board is at currently — where they are strong and where they are stuck.   Often a second call is with that staff person and/or the Board Chair/President, and the training material is focused/customized to create a day that really will be engaging and effective.

  • See our testimonial section for many quotes from the lead staff and Board Chairs.
  • See our training section for our fees.
  • Email David (david@nonprofithelp.ca) to set up an initial phone call at no charge to see if we would be a good fit for your Board.

Our sessions are uniquely engaging.  Our content is customized to fit your Board where it is right now.  Most importantly we will help your Board clarify exactly where it needs to focus its energies, what specific changes need to be made, in the next 3 to 12 months.  A stronger Team with real clarity.