Coaching usually takes the form of one full day or a 2-day retreat with a board and Executive Director, or Executive Director with their direct reports.    

Goal with Nonprofit Boards:  to create a healthy board (tools, bylaws, policies, relationships) that knows what they need to do (“direct & protect”), taps into the skills and motivations around the table (meetings are focused on critical topic discussion not listening to reports), and helps sustain the senior staff person and ultimately the organization.  (Assistance available creating or improving board policies and by-laws.)

Goal with Nonprofit Staff Leadership: to create a vibrant enjoyable work culture that hits clearly-laid-out and well-communicated operational targets.  

Whether you are a new group, a well-weathered team, an organization undergoing a lot of change or facing a difficult storm, I’d like to help.

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David Hartley, B.A., C.R.M. (Canadian Risk Management)